Spring is upon us and we’ve compiled a fun collection of 50 spring process art activities for preschool children. Kids will be taking inspiration from blooming flowers to chirping birds and everything in between. Time to get creative and celebrate the season with some fresh art.

What is process art?

Process art (aka open ended art) is an art activity that focuses on the process of creating it and not on the final product. We’re talking about embracing the mess, happy accidents, and the pure joy of just making stuff. From finger painting to squishing playdough, every squiggle, splatter, and smudge is part of the fun!

Think of it as a creative playground where imagination runs wild, and there are no rules – just endless possibilities. It’s about encouraging our kids to dive in, get their hands dirty (literally), and express themselves in their own unique way.

Spring process art for preschool

  • Bubble Wrap Painting: Use paint in spring colors and bubble wrap as a stamp to create textured paintings.
  • Nature Collage: Collect leaves, flowers, and twigs from outdoors and create a collage with them.
  • Painted Flowers: Use acrylic paint and small brushes to paint directly on a flower’s petals / stem/ leaves.
  • Sponge Painting: Cut sponges into flower shapes and use them to stamp paint onto paper.
  • Rainbow Painting: Let children experiment with mixing colors to create their own rainbow painting.
  • Tissue Paper Butterflies: Tear and glue tissue paper onto butterfly cutouts to create colorful wings.
  • Marble Painting: Tape a sheet of paper to the bottom of a flat box, add a few squirts of paint and c few marbles on the paper, and let children tilt the box to roll the marbles to create designs.
  • String Art: Dip pieces of string into paint and press and pull them onto paper to create abstract designs.
  • Vegetable Stamp Art: Cut vegetables like carrots and potatoes into shapes and use them as stamps with paint.
  • Sun Prints: Place photosensitive paper (found on Amazon / art stores) in the sun with objects on top to create sun prints.
  • Open Ended Painting: Acrylic paint on canvas in spring colors. Offer any brushes, sponges, palette knife, etc.
  • Raindrop Art: Use droppers to drop watercolor paint onto paper and watch the colors blend.
  • Flower Stamping: Use real flowers dipped in paint to stamp floral patterns onto paper.
  • Watercolor Resist: Use white crayons to draw designs on paper and then paint over them with watercolors.
  • Nature Rubbings: Place paper over textured surfaces like tree bark and rub crayons over them to reveal patterns.
  • Blown Paint Art: Dilute paint with water, drop it onto paper, and blow through a straw to create different shapes.
  • Seed Collage: Glue seeds onto paper to create textured artwork.
  • Spring Bookmarks: Cut cardstock into strips. Decorate with paint / leaves/ drawings. Seal all over with clear packing tape.
  • Nature Printing: Press leaves and flowers onto ink pads and then onto paper to create prints.
  • Salt Painting: Paint with watercolors and sprinkle salt on top to create interesting textures.
  • Feather Painting: Use feathers as paintbrushes to create soft, delicate strokes.
  • Shaving Cream Art: Spread shaving cream on a tray, add drops of paint, and swirl colors together before pressing paper onto the surface.
  • Flower Crown Making: Use paper or real flowers to create beautiful flower crowns. Tape together strips of construction paper to make a simple crown, and glue the flowers on.
  • Sculpting with Clay: Use modeling clay to sculpt flowers, bugs, and other spring-themed objects.
  • Sun Catchers: Create sun catchers using colorful tissue paper between two sheets of clear contact paper. Cut out desired shape and hang in a sunny window.
  • Spray Bottle Art: Fill spray bottles with watercolor paint (or food coloring) and water, then spray onto paper to create abstract designs.
  • Pressed Flower Art: Press flowers between heavy books to flatten them, then arrange and glue them onto paper.
  • Nature Weaving: Weave small branches and flowers together to create nature-inspired artwork.
  • Fingerpainting: Allow children to freely explore painting with their fingers using spring colors.
  • Collage: Cut out pictures of flowers, insects, and animals from magazines and create a garden collage.
  • Leaf Rubbings: Place leaves under paper and rub crayons over them to create leaf patterns.
  • Sponge Water Play: Cut sponges into different shapes and sizes and let children dip them in water to stamp onto paper.
  • Nature Mandalas: Arrange natural objects like leaves, petals, and stones into mandala designs.
  • Sand Art: Use colored sand to create layered pictures in bottles or on paper.
  • Colorful Ice Cubes: Freeze water mixed with food coloring and let children paint with the melting cubes.
  • Nature Mobiles: String together leaves, flowers, and twigs to create hanging mobiles.
  • Jelly Bean Mosaics: Glue colorful jelly beans onto paper to create mosaic designs.
  • Rainbow Rice Sensory Bins: Dye rice in different colors and let children explore and play in sensory bins.
  • Chalk Art: Draw spring scenes with chalk on sidewalks or black paper.
  • Playdough Sculptures: Use spring-themed cookie cutters and playdough to create sculptures.
  • Garden Collage: Use magazines, fabric scraps, and other materials to create a collage of a spring garden.
  • Clay Impressions: Press flowers, leaves, and other natural objects into clay to create impressions.
  • Sponge Watercoloring: Dip sponges into watercolor paint and press onto paper to create patterns.
  • Petal Perfume: Crush flower petals and mix them with water to create play perfume.
  • Nature Bracelets: Tape a piece of masking tape around children’s wrists sticky side out and let them attach small natural objects like leaves and flowers to create bracelets.
  • Torn Paper Collage: Tear colored paper and glue it onto paper to create textured collages.
  • Puddle Painting: Use brushes and watercolors to paint onto wet paper to create a rainy day scene.
  • Coffee Filter Flowers: Decorate coffee filters with markers, then spray them with water to blend the colors and create flower designs.
  • Tissue Paper Rainbows: Tear and crumple colorful tissue paper and glue it onto paper in rainbow patterns.

With these 50 spring process art activities for preschool, your child has the opportunity to experiment, create, and best of all, have fun. Enjoy!

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