As parents of young children, we all know that familiar scene: your little one walks through the door after a long day at school, hangry and ready for a snack. You want something quick and simple, but feel like you’ve put out the same plate a million times and want to add variety. To make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of 50 healthy and easy afterschool snacks for preschoolers and kindergarteners that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. PS- I compiled these ideas focused on little kids, but really all ages will enjoy these options.

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Fruit-Based Afterschool Snacks for Kids:

  1. Apple Slices with Peanut Butter: The classic combo of apples and peanut butter is not only delicious but also packed with fiber and protein.
  2. Banana Slices with a Drizzle of Honey: Sliced bananas drizzled with honey are a sweet and satisfying treat.
  3. Sliced Strawberries with Yogurt Dip: Strawberries and yogurt make a delightful duo, offering vitamins and probiotics.
  4. Mini Fruit Kabobs (Grapes, Melon, and Berries): Skewer a mix of colorful fruits for a fun and nutritious snack.
  5. Mandarin Orange Segments: These little citrus gems are easy to peel and a great source of vitamin C.
  6. Frozen Grapes: A cool and refreshing option on warm days, grapes are naturally sweet and healthy.
  7. Apple Sauce Cups (unsweetened): Go for unsweetened applesauce cups for a convenient fruit fix.
  8. Pineapple Chunks in Fruit Juice: Canned pineapple chunks in natural fruit juice offer a tropical twist.
  9. Sliced Kiwi with a Sprinkle of Cinnamon: Kiwi slices are rich in vitamin C, and a touch of cinnamon adds warmth.
  10. Berry Smoothie (blend with yogurt and a touch of honey): A fruity smoothie with yogurt is a satisfying way to sneak in some calcium.

Vegetable Snacks:

  1. Baby Carrots with Hummus: Crunchy baby carrots paired with hummus make a fiber and protein-rich snack.
  2. Cucumber Slices with Cream Cheese: Cool cucumber slices and creamy cream cheese create a refreshing combination.
  3. Cherry Tomatoes with a Dash of Salt: Cherry tomatoes are bite-sized bursts of flavor, and a pinch of salt enhances their taste.
  4. Bell Pepper Strips with Guacamole: Colorful bell pepper strips are perfect for dipping in creamy guacamole.
  5. Steamed Broccoli Florets with Ranch Dip: Steamed broccoli florets with ranch dip offer a nutritious crunch.
  6. Celery Sticks with Peanut Butter: Celery sticks filled with peanut butter provide a satisfying crunch and protein boost.
  7. Snap Peas with a Light Soy Sauce Dip: Snap peas dipped in a light soy sauce make a tasty and low-calorie snack.
  8. Sliced Avocado with a Sprinkle of Lemon Juice: Avocado slices sprinkled with lemon juice are a healthy fat source.
  9. Sweet Potato Fries (baked, not fried): Baked sweet potato fries are a nutritious alternative to regular fries.
  10. Veggie Quesadilla Slices: Load up a whole wheat tortilla with veggies and cheese, then slice it into easy-to-handle pieces.

Dairy and Protein Snacks:

  1. Cheese Cubes or Cheese Sticks: Cheese cubes or sticks are a convenient and calcium-rich option.
  2. Greek Yogurt with a Drizzle of Honey: Greek yogurt with honey is a protein-packed sweet treat.
  3. Cottage Cheese with Fresh Pineapple: Cottage cheese paired with fresh pineapple chunks offers protein and vitamin C.
  4. Hard-Boiled Eggs (sliced or halved): Hard-boiled eggs are a protein powerhouse and can be prepared in advance.
  5. Turkey or Chicken Roll-Ups (deli meat and cheese): Roll up deli meat and cheese for a quick and satisfying snack.
  6. Mini Whole Wheat Pita Pockets with Hummus: Mini pita pockets and hummus are a fiber and protein-packed combo.
  7. Almonds or Cashews (in moderation): A small handful of nuts can be a satisfying source of healthy fats and protein.
  8. Low-Fat String Cheese: String cheese is a fun and portable source of calcium.
  9. Peanut Butter Banana Roll-Ups: Peanut butter and banana wrapped in a tortilla offer protein and potassium.
  10. Tuna Salad on Whole Wheat Crackers: Tuna salad on whole wheat crackers is a protein-rich snack that’s easy to prepare.

Grain and Cereal Snacks:

  1. Whole Grain Cereal with Milk: A bowl of whole grain cereal with milk is a simple yet nutritious option.
  2. Popcorn (air-popped, lightly salted): Air-popped popcorn is a whole grain snack that kids love.
  3. Mini Rice Cakes with Nut Butter: Mini rice cakes with nut butter provide a satisfying crunch and protein.
  4. Trail Mix (nuts, dried fruits, and seeds): Trail mix is a customizable and energy-boosting snack.
  5. Whole Grain English Muffin Pizza: Mini whole grain English muffin pizzas are a fun and tasty choice.
  6. Oatmeal Cookies (homemade with less sugar): Homemade oatmeal cookies with less sugar are a comforting treat.
  7. Granola Bar (with nuts and dried fruits): Look for granola bars with nuts and dried fruits for added nutrition.
  8. Mini Whole Wheat Bagels with Cream Cheese: Mini whole wheat bagels with cream cheese are a satisfying option.
  9. Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips with Salsa: Whole wheat tortilla chips with salsa are a whole grain alternative.
  10. Mini Pancakes with a Fruit Topping: Mini pancakes with a fruit topping make for a delightful snack.

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Sweet Treats:

  1. Frozen Yogurt Popsicles (made with real fruit): Homemade popsicles made with real fruit are a refreshing dessert.
  2. Rice Krispies Treats (homemade with less sugar): Homemade Rice Krispies treats with less sugar are a special treat.
  3. Sliced Grilled Peaches (a warm and sweet option): Grilled peaches are a warm and sweet dessert.
  4. Banana and Chocolate Spread Sandwich: A banana and chocolate spread sandwich is a sweet twist on a classic.
  5. Baked Apple Slices with Cinnamon: Baked apple slices with cinnamon are a warm and comforting option.
  6. Dark Chocolate Pieces (in moderation): A small piece of dark chocolate can satisfy a sweet tooth.
  7. Energy Bites (oats, honey, nuts, and dried fruits): Energy bites are a homemade snack filled with nutritious ingredients.
  8. Mini Muffins (with whole grains and fruit): Mini muffins made with whole grains and fruit are a delightful treat.
  9. Frozen Berry Cups (berries frozen in yogurt): Frozen berry cups are a cool and creamy dessert.
  10. Nut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Squares: Nut butter and jelly sandwich squares are a fun and familiar option.

Finding healthy and easy afterschool snacks for preschoolers and kindergarteners doesn’t have to be a chore. With these 50 snack ideas, you have a variety of options to keep your little ones satisfied and nourished. Whether your child prefers fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, grains, or sweets, there’s something here for everyone.

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