I’ll admit it- I love Instagram. I love finding unusual or super specific accounts that deliver the perfect break from all the perfectly styled photos and generic content that seems to come across my screen. Here are some that I’m currently enjoying:



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@cheapoldhouses is probably my favorite right now. Every day they share architecturally beautiful homes that are in dire need of significant rehab.  Some days I’m literally texting my husband – WE NEED TO MOVE TO THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE VERMONT AND BUY THIS CONVERTED ONE ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE. Sometimes the houses aren’t really in that bad shape, with stunning woodwork or stained glass, and in need of a deep cleaning and some fresh paint. Other homes are in much rougher shape, where the house is basically just a shell, but you can just see how much potential there is if someone was willing to take a chance on it. OH and best of all, they’ll post an update if someone has saved one of the homes, and once in a while those people will start their own IG account following their renovation. It’s a huge rabbit hole but if you like home renovation, you’ll LOVE it.



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@the_sassiest_girl_in_america is exactly what you need right now to scratch your 90’s nostalgia itch. If, like me, you’re a girl of a certain age (read: over 40) and Sassy was everything to you in your teen years, it will all come flooding back to you when you see posts like this Sonic Youth random taco recipe, or you see a post of this gem from an article titled, “Why You Liked Yourself Better When You Were 11,” by writer Christina Kelly, “When girls are little, they are true to their beliefs. If they’re angry, they let you know. When someone asks them a question, they answer it with confidence. If they don’t agree with what they’re told, they disobey.” While we all nodded in agreement back then when we read this (as girls who were only a few years out from 11), we couldn’t have understood this as fully as we would as adults. My older and wiser self is loving it even more.



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@humansofnewyork has the ability to keep you on the edge of your seat. Which is kind of an odd thing to say about an IG account, but once you start following, you’ll see what I mean. Everyone has a story, and somehow HONY’s Brandon is able to find New Yorkers with the most moving/ uplifting/ heartbreaking/ emotional posts you can imagine.  Once in a while, the stories are broken into multiple parts which are posted several hours apart, and you will find yourself refreshing the page all afternoon, wanting to know how something turns out.



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@mikedawwwson is a cartoonist who posts diary style cartoons about parenting, work, current events, and life in the suburbs. Everything in these comics is real, so it’s super relatable when he talks about those cringey parenting moments, or how we’re coping with lockdown during this pandemic. Lots of fun pop culture references too. Edited to add 4/22/21  He has a new book out now, called The Fifth Quarter – read my review here.


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@subparparks is HILARIOUS. Artist Amber Shares takes real one star reviews of national parks, and illustrates the dumbest complaints people have cited for these treasures. Yes, someone actually complained about not being able to touch the lava at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.

What IG accounts are you enjoying lately?


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