April themed art prompts for preschool kids offer a fun way to inspire your child’s creativity throughout the month. Whether they’re illustrating baby animals or designing colorful umbrellas, your little artist will love these fresh spring prompts.

sketchbook with child's drawing in red and green crayon.

Here are your April art prompts

  • raindrops falling from fluffy clouds
  • a vibrant garden filled with blooming flowers and buzzing bees
  • the planet Earth as seen from space
  • a beautiful rainbow with bright colors
  • a butterfly with colorful wings
  • a page of silly faces
  • a birthday cake for April birthdays
  • frogs and turtles in a peaceful pond
  • plants sprouting in their pots
  • bunnies, chicks, and lambs to celebrate springtime animals
  • a forest of trees with interesting shaped leaves
  • a pair of rain boots with bright patterns and colors
  • a picnic scene with a checkered blanket and delicious treats
  • a school of fish with colorful scales
  • sun hats with flowers and ribbons
  • a field of green grass with bright yellow dandelions
  • bicycles with baskets filled with flowers
  • bird nest with twigs, yarn, and feathers
  • a group of children jumping in puddles
  • big fluffy clouds in the sky
  • bunny burrows with tunnels and secret hiding spots
  • earthworms tunneling through the dirt
  • colorful kites flying in the sky
  • colorful windsocks blowing in the breeze
  • a thunderstorm with lightning bolts and dark clouds
  • a snail with a colorful shell and big antennae
  • a forest of cherry blossom trees
  • a sunrise with bright colors peeking over the horizon
  • a cheerful ladybug with a smiling face
  • a colorful umbrella against a gloomy sky

What are art prompts for kids?

Art and drawing prompts are imaginative cues intended to spark a child’s creativity. Prompts can take various forms, ranging from single words or phrases to incomplete drawings that the child can finish. The above prompts are open-ended, allowing your child to envision each scene and freely explore whatever ideas come to mind.

These April-themed art prompts for preschool kids offer a range of creative activities to celebrate early spring and the events of the month. Enjoy watching your child create and remember to encourage them to take a few minutes to make art every day!

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