Are you searching for easy ways to display your kids art at home? Look no further- we have 25 creative options for you. Turn that giant stack of artwork (we all have those, right?) into a colorful gallery wall and tame the clutter!

collage of different ways to display kids artwork - hanging by hooks, in storage frames, gallery style, and on a memo board

Why is it important to display children’s artwork?

There are several important reasons to display your child’s art – hanging up their projects, whether on the fridge or in a more formal frame on the wall, shows your pride and support of their work. It encourages them to continue creating, and they can feel good about seeing something they made is important and worth displaying.

What are the best ways to display kids art?

Here are a wide range of options to suit any home and you can adapt to any space. The thing I love about all of these displays is that they make it really easy to change the art as new pieces are made. Many use clips, or corkboard and pushpin, and there are also storage frames.

Kids Art Display: Simple, Inexpensive, & No Damage

This easy DIY kids art display area is the perfect way to showcase your child’s masterpieces! It’s super simple, inexpensive, and won’t damage your walls!

Colorful Kids Artwork Display Gallery Wall

Want to display kids artwork in your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Add a pop of color to your home’s décor! Learn how to create a fun & affordable kids artwork display gallery wall at home.

Cute and Easy Kid’s Art Display Ideas

Your budding Picasso’s works of art deserve a proper display! Encourage them with a kid’s art display that will be both attractive and show your pride in their work.

21 Creative Ways to Display Kids’ Art That Won’t Leave Your Home Looking Cluttered

If you’re a busy mom who loves both showing off her kids’ art work but also keeping a clean home, finding ways to display kids’ art neatly might be something you’ve struggled to do. It can be tricky to find ways to do both at the same time, but I promise IT IS possible!

Make your own memo board with chicken wire

Add some much needed organization to any space with this DIY memo board using chicken wire and other repurposed materials.

Do you keep all your kids artwork?

No, although with my oldest I tried to and veryyyyy quickly it was apparent that was not possible. I had am enormous tub that filled up quickly from all the preschool art that would come home every day. When we had our middle child, it was twice the artwork and I made a conscious effort to keep less. I’ve gone back through and pared it down, but I still need to do more. The really special items are framed and in the kitchen, or on the shelf.

My absolute favorite project ever came from my middle child’s Pre K class. The teacher made binders for all the kids and would add one piece of art per week, and at the end of the school year, gave them to the parents as a gift. It is beyond special. She also wrote what each drawing was – “my favorite season,” “me and my dad,” etc. You can see the progress in drawing and how the stick figure people change from beginning to end and it’s magical. Highly recommend doing this.

Another option is to take a photo of your favorite pieces and then throw the original away. Then you can add these photos to your scrapbooks, or for really special pieces, the photo can be blown up to a large scale by your local print shop and framed.

What’s your favorite way to display kids art in your home? Tell us in the comments below!


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