2021 goals progress after 6 weeks


Remember those new year’s goals we set at the beginning of January? How are things going? I think it’s important to look at your goals every month to see if your on track or if things have changed and you need to adjust them.

How it started

Ok, so here were the goals that I set for myself last month:

  1. Set certain hours of the day for work and some amount of time TBD for making/ crafting/ blogging.
  2. Blog at least 1 time per week
  3. Get better at batch working
  4. Keep a daily planner (I always have in the past but halfway thru the year, the 2020 planner met an untimely end after a big juice spill that no one told me about until it was too late).
  5. Get dressed every day and put on an actual outfit that is not pajamas.
  6. Print out more family photos
  7. Grow my shop another 100%, which sounds ridiculous, but I’ve done it the past two years in a row.

How it’s going

Let’s see how that worked out so far:

  1. Work and blogging/ crafting time has been better split, with the bulk of the blog stuff getting done on Monday and Tuesday nights, and then on the weekends I’ll work on things in short spurts. Seems to be working well.
  2. Definitely blogging at least once a week, thanks to the 100 Day Project.
  3. Batch working is getting better. I’m not writing all the posts in one shot yet, but I’ve been doing all the graphics and pins in one shot and that’s working great.
  4. Planner has not been opened once. Need to get on that.
  5. NOPE.
  6. Haven’t printed out new photos, but I’ve been cleaning out closets and keep finding random stashes of old photos.  Finally got those organized and it one place.
  7. Hit 1000 sales this month, which felt amazing, and met my January sales goal at the 11th hour. On track to do the same for February, so that’s super exciting.

So mostly, things are pretty much on track, except the planner and the whole getting dressed thing. Maybe I’ll shoot for once a week on both and see how that goes. That’s pretty low pressure.  Maybe on Sundays I will try filling in the planner and then get dressed. We’ll see.

How are things going for you? Are you meeting your goals or did you make some adjustments?


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