Month: December 2020

favorite shows and movies 2020

My favorite shows and movies in 2020

My favorite shows and movies in 2020 I’ll admit it – I watched a LOT of tv this year.  Most of the time I’m just rewatching shows I’ve seen a million times, like Friends, because it’s just on in the background while I’m knitting or working on mugs. However, I did find a bunch of […] Read more…

80's movie playlist

New 80’s movie playlist

  I made you a fun 80’s movie playlist on Spotify.  I had so much fun making the 90’s movie mixtape, I couldn’t wait to make another one. This one has classics from The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, Neverending Story, and more. That just reminded me of the time my friend and I drove […] Read more…

diy embroidered slogan sweater

DIY: embroidered slogan sweater

Have you noticed the embroidered slogan sweater trend taking off the past couple of months?  These sweaters, popularized by Lingua Franca, have been popping up everywhere on tv hosts and magazine covers. While beautifully made, some of these sweaters cost upwards of $400, out of reach for many of our budgets. I decided to make […] Read more…