Month: October 2020

10 best halloween movies

My 10 favorite Halloween movies

It’s Halloween season and therefore, scary movie time. This year we watched a couple from this list, and also Scream and Little Shop of Horrors. Both are solid movies, and if this was my top 20, would’ve definitely made the cut, but these are my all time favorites: 1. The Shining (1980)– remember when Joey […] Read more…

90's movie playlist

New 90’s movie playlist

  I made you a sweet 90’s movie playlist on Spotify.  Now I know the 90’s is a trendy thing now, but the music/ movies/ tv/ pop culture were my everything back in *cough* high school. For reference, see my seventh grade Twin Peaks cherry pie hack here.  Singles, Clueless, Reality Bites, Romy & Michelle, […] Read more…