Our fall mini collection is live!

cobberson 4 mug fall mini collection

I know, I know, it’s only July. But, since we all know back to school this year is bound to be completely off the rails, I figured I’d go ahead and launch today. Let’s check them out!

cobberson decorative gourd season mug

One of my favorite things every fall is when this McSweeney’s article starts making the rounds. It’s so sarcastic and aggressively fall.  So I wanted a mug that was a cross between McSweeney’s and Dwight’s IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY sign from The Office.

cobberson i got a rock mug

I never missed a showing of the annual kids holiday cartoons growing up, and so I had to include my very favorite line.


cobberson itchy sweater weather mug

Everyone loves sweater weather, but admit it- those wool sweaters are ITCHY!


cobberson probably pumpkin spice mug

This one is just honest. I love me some pumpkin spice.

All of these mugs make me smile- I hope you enjoy them!  Find them in my Etsy shop here.



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