Started and restarted: Millville sweater

cobberson millville sweater knitty

After my last post, I went through all the yarn at home and was excited to realize I can finally use some of it! I had six skeins of (don’t laugh) Downton Abbey Branson yarn (I bought a bunch years ago at the height of the Downton craze) to make the Millville sweater (similar yarns are Loops & Threads Charisma and Paton’s Classic ). I took a few days off work this week and brought everything to the beach to work on. It’s amazing how many more rows I can get finished in an afternoon when there aren’t any distractions.


So far I really like this pattern. It’s nice and simple and relaxing. Even though I had to start over after two days and six inches… apparently I’m not the size small I think I am, and after trying on the first time, I decided to start over and make it a medium.

Here was (sniff) the small.

cobberson millville sweater knitty

And now here’s the medium. It was kind of a bummer ripping all of that out, but whatever.

cobberson millville sweater knitty

It’s been so long since I’ve knitted something just for me and it feels great!

Oooh, and as an early birthday gift to myself, I bought another set of Denise interchangeable needles, and went for the colorful ones.

cobberson denise interchangeable knitting needles

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