New project on the needles: Uptown/ Downtown V-Neck Tee

For the longest time, I’ve had this pretty Pool colorway from Fable Fibers* burning a hole in my stash.  I tried to knit it up into a couple different things, but I kept choosing projects where the stitch pattern was competing with the color variation.  This cute little seed stitch v-neck tee from a 2008 issue of knit.1 seemed like it might be the right mix of texture and simplicity to work well with this colorway and so far so good.  


And yes, you read that right – 2008.  One of my non-knitting friends mentioned to me once that she’d never heard of someone keeping magazines before.  Is it just me?  Do you keep your knitting magazines forever or do you throw them away?  For me, it’s the equivalent of those books you read over and over (one of mine is The Bell Jar- I’ve been known to find it packed away in the closet, and then proceed to sit and read the entire thing in the doorway of said closet.  But I digress.  Again.).  Oh, and I also have all of my Sassy magazines, which I will keep probably until the day I die.  I swear I’m not a hoarder.  

Anyway, so far I’m liking the way this is turning out.  Despite the very specific instructions, and already knowing to do so, I totally knit the first 6 inches WITHOUT alternating skeins, obviously.  Hello, pooling!  I try to avoid finishing as much as I possibly can, which includes weaving in lots of ends from joining skeins. I bit the bullet and and joined the skein with the least amount of variation and now I’m alternating every 2 rows.  Looks good, no?

*You may notice that I mention Fable Fibers on here a lot. That’s because the brains behind FF, Lelah, is one of my oldest and closest friends in the world.  We met while working as baristas at Starbucks a million sixteen years ago, fell out of touch for a few years, and then were reunited through our knitting blogs <3


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