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I’ll admit it- I LOVE tv. Before streaming services were the big thing, we did not add HBO or Showtime to our cable package because OMG so expensive! So we’d binge on shows like The Sopranos when we’d visit our parents for the weekend after everyone else had gone to bed, staying up till all hours fitting in as many episodes as possible because it would be months before we could watch more. Since then we’ve cut the cord and now we have Philo (which is great if you aren’t into sports, and love things like House Hunters and shows about Alaska), and we get HBO and Showtime when there’s a show we like, and then cancel when the season is over.

Even better than streaming a great show, is streaming a great show while knitting/ crochet/ etc. You get to enjoy your favorite series and at the end – BAM – you also have a new sweater. Most of my picks have a ton of episodes, so you definitely won’t run out during your next big sweater or afghan project.

In no particular order:

15. Love is Blind (Netflix)

14. Tiger King (Netflix)

13. Bojack Horseman (Netflix)

12. The Larry Sanders Show (HBO – and if you like this, there’s also a two part Garry Shandling documentary that’s excellent)

11. Billions (Showtime)

10. Derry Girls (Netflix)

9. Jim Gaffigan stand up specials (Netflix ; Spotify)

8. The Office (Peacock)

7. American Experience (PBS & Netflix)

6. Twin Peaks (Paramount+)

5. Ken Burns documentaries (Netflix) There’s usually a few Ken Burns docs on Netflix at a time, just not ALL of them.  They’re also sometimes available for streaming on the PBS website.

4. The Sopranos (HBO)

3. Queer Eye  (Netflix, and ps the original series is on Youtube)

2. Veep (HBO)

1.Parks and Rec (Peacock)

There are also a ton of documentaries on my to-watch list.  What shows are you watching right now? What should I watch next?

(Originally published 6/20/2019; updated 3/30/2020)

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