the 100 day project: progress after 20 days

How is your 100 day project going? I think as of today, the official project page is on day 28, but I am on day 21. Some people prefer to count the 100 days as calendar days (and if you miss a day, that’s fine and you just keep going) and other people like to count them as the days you actually work on the project, which is how I like to do it. Whichever way works for you is fine, since the goal is to finish the challenge.

The project I chose this year was to spend 100 days working on this blog, including making any graphics, newsletters, pinterest pins, etc. So far, I’m really happy with my progress:

Day 1: post to mark the start of this year’s project

Day 2: updated an old post on podcasts for creative people

Day 3: sent out my monthly newsletter, full of fun Galentine’s projects

Day 4: post on crafts made from recycled sweaters

Day 5: added a playlist tab to the blog menu for better organization

Day 6: not a tangible item, but I made a major decision on my etsy shop and the future of the blog. It’s a big exciting change that I can’t wait to share soon.

Day 7: bought supplies related to day 6

Day 8: bought more supplies, and met some really awesome people that helped me with sourcing what I need

Day 9: post with new Valentine’s free printable wall art

Day 10: added holiday DIY & printables tab to blog menu

Day 11: updated the photo/ pins for this old but still super popular post for the DIY felt heart garland

Day 12: new cover photo and pin for the free printables page

Day 13: new post and free printable self love wall art

Day 14: post on checking in on our New Year’s goals for 2021

Day 15: updated an old post on 5 snow day DIY projects that got a lot of traffic recently

Day 16: new post on 10 cozy ways to spend a snow day

Day 17: retired the sourdough starter gift tags from my etsy shop and added them to the blog as a free printable

Day 18: fixed the pin on the DIY embroidered slogan shirt post to zoom in on the embroidery

Day 19: new post on places to find cheap or free craft supplies

Day 20: created a color palette and mood board for the secret project mentioned in day 6

So there you have it. 20 days of progress and I feel like this year is going much better than past years. Last year I ran out of steam, partly because it was during the beginning of the pandemic, and partly because I didn’t have a specific project nailed down. I think it was something like doing anything creative for 100 days. So it wasn’t a total loss, I learned that I need to have a defined project in order to complete the goal. Which sounds silly and pretty obvious when I write it out, but whatever.

I also really like filling in the little circles on the project tracker. It makes me happy every single day.

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How is your project going? If you haven’t started and are still interested, start today. There is really no definite start or end date, so if you want to do it, go for it!

Read about Day 21-40 of my 100 day project here.


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