10 crafts made with recycled sweaters

By now we’ve all seen Bernie’s mittens, famously crafted out of a recycled sweater by Jen Ellis.  Suddenly, look a like mitten patterns are everywhere, but there is so much more that can be made from versatile, upcycled sweater wool.  Felting is a simple process that can be done in your washing machine, and causes the fibers to lock together to make a sturdy fabric. You can cut it without worrying it will unravel, and sew it like any regular fabric. Fast fashion has led to a ton of barely worn clothes headed to the landfill, and Kon Mari (though I LOVE Marie Kondo) overloaded the thrift stores with clothes. Let’s give those items new life!

10 crafts you can create using an old or thrifted sweater:

I love this one because it retains the beautiful fair isle pattern, but it would look just as good in a solid or stripes.


The face on this little bear is so sweet and the sweater fabric makes him extra snuggly.


Perfect little heart to add to any gift, or make a bunch to create a pretty winter garland.


diy embroidered slogan sweater

No felting necessary on this one- you can just embroider straight on to a sweater with a fun phrase.


I LOVE this garland and how you can use any variety of colors or patterns and it will look amazing.


This looks like a fancy ornament I’d buy at Anthropologie.


I’m not usually a legwarmers person, but they had me at distressed.


Fellow always-cold people, how have we lived without these little handwarmers in our pockets?


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