Hot off the needles: A Dubious Victory scarf

cobberson dubious victory scarf

One of my goals this year is to try and put less pressure on myself to do everything (usually resulting in varying degrees of overwhelm) and do one or two relaxing crafts per month.  Nothing major.  This month, I wanted to do one infinity scarf and one scrapbook page.  We're halfway through the month and I finished my scarf and there's plenty of time left to do that scrapbook page!

The scarf I chose is A Dubious Victory by Anna Johnson and it is the perfect project for using up small quantities of stash yarn, or experimenting with color mixing.  The pattern is simple and relaxing and the scarf is reversible.  

Materials used: 

Size 9 circular
Fable Fibers Biography dk merino (not sure of the colorway, as it was part of a club subscription a few years back)

cobberson dubious victory scarf
Taking a bath

cobberson dubious victory scarf
Still blocking

Unfortunately, it's still blocking, so I don't have any photos where I'm wearing it, but I'll post one soon.  I can't wait to wear it-  it's so soft and squishy <3


Free Printable: 2016 Craft Goals worksheet

cobberson 2016 free printable craft goals worksheet

It's almost two weeks into 2016 and I'm about to hit full on planning mode.  My new Passion Planner just came in the mail today and I'm so excited to start filling it in.  Last year, I tried out the Erin Condren Life Planner and it was just too... much.  It's very nice and while I liked it for a while, I think I need something lighter, smaller, and less brightly colored.  Something I can leave open on my desk and kind of blends in.

I also wanted to start setting some craft goals for the year, but instead of putting it all into Ravelry (which I just started getting back into after a loooong hiatus), I really needed a simple paper chart I can hang on the wall above my desk.  Ravelry is awesome, but my queue is something like 6 pages, over a hundred projects long, and in desperate need of editing.  

If you need a simple printable worksheet, you can download mine here.  There are only three fields:  the major project I want to complete this year, new skills, and projects by month.  I have noticed on other blogs (where people have used my gift tags) that you guys would prefer files in jpeg format as opposed to pdf so you have the ability to edit, and so, this file is a jpeg :)

Time to get planning!  What goals/ projects are you setting for yourself this year?  


Fresh start to 2016!

Happy New Year, friends!  I haven't posted since around Thanksgiving because I had some very important knitting projects to work on: a new baby Sheldon the Turtle and baby monkey stuffed animals for my boys.

cobberson sheldon turtle monkey stuffed hand knit toys
Meet the creatively named, "Turtley" and "Monkey"

I LOVED seeing how the slipped stitches in the turtle shell created the little diamond pattern.  It was like magic.  I did have to rip it out a few times at the beginning of the shell because I didn't quite understand what was supposed to be happening, but once I figured it out, it went very quickly.

Right after I finished Sheldon, I came down with some kind of weird cold/ flu thing that zapped all my energy for two whole weeks, so I lost all that time to work on the monkey.  Mr. Monkey was finished ON Christmas at midnight, just barely keeping my promise that he'd be done on time.  

If you decide to make the monkey, I would definitely recommend making as many pieces in the round as possible as there is a LOT of seaming.  If you're not great at seaming, you will be by the time you're finished.

I didn't really go for the recommended gauge on either pattern, because that's just how I roll when I'm not making a garment.  

Materials used:

Size 7 straight and dpn needles

Sheldon Turtle:
Size 4 straight and dpn needles
Polyester fiber fill
Random black button eyes I found at the bottom of my craft drawer

Did you make any crafted holiday gifts this year?  Share them below!

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