The Singles movie is still a great source of style inspiration

So I have a major soft spot for early 90's fashion - Sassy Magazine was my bible - and I have longed for grunge to return for twenty long years.  Finally my prayers have been answered!  All that beautiful flannel, floral dresses, and Doc Martens are everywhere once again <3 <3 <3

I was watching the movie Singles last night- Bridget Fonda's wardrobe is still as adorable now as it was 
in 1992.  Here's proof: 


Flannel shirt and skater skirt from Delia's  |  Jersey tank from Dorothy Parker   |  Dr. MartensBeanie from Amazon.com


Hey, did I forget to mention...

I'm going to be contributing round-up posts to CraftGossip.com? :)   Check out my first post on market bags here.

Courtesy of CraftGossip.com


Crocheted with love - free printable gift tag!

knit and crochet printable gift tag - Cobberson & Co.

Crocheted with Love printable gift tags are finally available!  I just couldn't decide between making them exactly the same as the Handknit gift tags, or giving them an update, so the file actually contains two different designs.  

crochet printable gift tag - Cobberson & Co.

As with the handknit tag, I printed the tags on brown kraft scrapbook paper and added a coordinating scrapbook paper border.

crochet printable gift tag - Cobberson & Co.

Since I don't know how to crochet, I didn't have anything I'd made personally to use for the example photo. Instead, the item shown is my son's beloved blankie, which was absolutely made with love by a volunteer and gifted to the hospital in which he was born.  Four years later, this lovely little blanket still brings him so much joy, as only a handmade item can :)

crochet printable gift tag - Cobberson & Co.

crochet printable gift tag - Cobberson & Co.

There's also a spot for you to write in any special care instructions.

crochet printable gift tag - Cobberson & Co.

Simply subscribe to our mailing list here, and links to both the crochet and handknit tags will be automatically emailed to you.  

**EDITED 11-4-15** 

I have decided to no longer require subscribing to my mailing list to receive these gift tags.  Instead, there are two super awesome options!

1.   Purchase for $3 from my Etsy shop and 100% of the profits will be donated to charity as part of the Revolution Craft Style Project.  More information on the Revolution Craft Style Project can be found here, or

2.Download for free here .

Choose wisely, grasshopper.

PS.  I recommend using Google Chrome as your browser to open the file.

These gift tags are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Enjoy and happy crafting!  <3

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