Crocheted with love gift tags are on their way!

I've had some inquiries on when the crochet printable gift tags (a la the Handknit With Love tags) would be available. I am happy to report that they are all finished and will be posted some time this week. They just need to be photographed and uploaded to Google Drive.

Thanks so much for your patience- I hope you love them!<3


Getting my knit on

After a long drought, I finally got back to working on some knitting projects.   I can't even count how many unfinished garments are stashed around the house, but there are two that I absolutely have to put on the fast track.  First, there's the Magnolia Cafe cardigan from Metropolitan Knits.  For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a cabled fisherman sweater and had a bunch of fisherman's wool reserved for when I found the perfect pattern.  Magnolia Cafe rocks- not only does it have a beautiful cable pattern, but it has secret pink pocket linings.  <3  Hopefully it will be finished by spring.  There's nothing worse than working on a sweater and not being able to wear it for  months.

Magnolia Cafe Cardigan, Metropolitan Knits- Cobberson & Co.

The other item I'm working on is a scarf for my son.  Truth be told, I despise knitting scarves, but how could I say no to my little guy?  L was pretty specific about wanting a yellow and black scarf "that looks like a bee," so I pulled out my well worn copy of Charmed Knits and cast on a Hufflepuff Year 1 House Scarf.  For a scarf, it's the fastest and most mindless pattern you could possibly ask for.  It's knit in the round as a little tube, and then you close off the ends and add some fringe.  L was super excited when he saw me working on it, so I can't wait to see his face when he can wear his scarf.

Hufflepuff scarf, Charmed Knits- Cobberson & Co.

So what are you working on this week?  Are you juggling multiple projects or are you a monogamous crafter?


Five last-minute Valentine's Day sewing project ideas

Need some inspiration for a last minute Valentine's Day sewing project?  Here are five adorable ideas to get your creative (and romantic!) juices flowing:

U-Create Crafts |  Valentine Throw Pillow

The Making Spot |  Cross Stitch Card

Lil' Mrs. Tori |  Felt Robot Bag

Craftster |  Love is Embroidery

Jessica Peck |  Conversation Heart Pillows


DIY Valentine's Day Felt Heart Garland

Felt Heart Garland: Cobberson & Co.

Instead of traditional red and pink Valentine's Day decorations, this year I wanted to decorate using materials that were more natural, textured, and well, subtle.  Inspired by the natural wool colors in my pom-pom wreath, I decided to make a felt heart garland for the fireplace.  

Felt Heart Garland: Cobberson & Co.

Felt Heart Garland: Cobberson & Co.

It's a super easy and inexpensive project (materials cost around $3 for the felt and embroidery floss.  I already had the other materials).

What you'll need:

  • Felt sheets in a variety of colors.  I got mine at AC Moore for 33 cents per sheet and used three sheets of charcoal gray, three sheets of natural, and one sheet of red.
  • One skein of red embroidery floss
  •  Glue gun and glue 
  • 3 yards of worsted weight yarn.  I used Paton's Classic Wool in natural marle.
  • Sewing pins
  • Embroidery needle


Print out six sheets of the large size heart template (three for the gray and three for the natural felts)  and one sheet of the small heart template (for the red felt). Pin a template sheet to a felt sheet, placing one or two pins through each heart.  Cut out each heart.

Felt Heart Garland: Cobberson & Co.

Using the glue gun, glue a small red heart to nine of the natural color hearts.  Using the red embroidery floss, stitch around three of the gray hearts about a 1/4" from the edge.  Do not separate the floss into an individual strand or the red won't stand out on the gray background.

Felt Heart Garland: Cobberson & Co.

Lay out the hearts prior to stringing them on the yarn.  Starting with a gray heart, order the colors as follows:
  • gray
  • natural with red
  • gray
  • natural
Repeat, randomly placing the three gray hearts with red stitching.

Felt Heart Garland: Cobberson & Co.

Using the embroidery floss (again, do not separate the floss) and needle, poke a hole through each heart about 1/4" below the V.  Pull through about 6" of floss, cut floss and tie a knot to create a loop.  String each heart onto the yarn.

Felt Heart Garland: Cobberson & Co.

Finally, it's time to hang your garland.  You can use the little 3M removable hooks, but I always use clear packing tape.

Felt Heart Garland: Cobberson & Co.

And you're finished!  The felt hearts are so cute, and if you want to repurpose them, just take them off the worsted yarn.  They'd be adorable hanging on a Christmas tree or as a tag for wrapping a handmade gift.  

Enjoy and happy crafting!

PS.  If hearts aren't your thing, my Anthro- inspired felt garland would look great in the gray/ natural/ red colorway.

One more thing- we're taking part in the Friday Pin Fest over at A Conquered Mess this week, as well as Craft Frenzy Friday over at Craft Dictator, That Friday Blog Hop over at A Chicago Mom, and Friday Favorites over at A Cowboy's Life.  Whew!  Come check out all the great projects!


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Knitters

Cobberson & Co: Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2014

Searching for a Valentine's Day gift for your favorite knitter?  Look no further- these thoughtful gifts will make her feel the love.

1- Kelly Connor Designs:  "Nobody puts my knitting in a corner" bag

2- Knitty 34:  Circular Needle Case

3- Cobberson & Co.:  Handknit with Love gift tags

4- Fable Fibers:   Biography dk yarn
5- Giraffe Kiss:  Chocolate stitch markers

PS.  We are taking part in this week's Craft Frenzy Friday.  Come check out all the amazing projects this week! 

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