DIY Anthropologie inspired felt bow garland

Cobberson.com anthro inspired felt garland

 A few weeks back, I found this Anthropologie felted bow garland and was instantly drawn to it.

anthropologie felted bow garland

The bright mix of colors was such an interesting and unexpected change from traditional holiday decorations.  Unfortunately, as you can see, they were already sold out.  So, of course, I had to make my own:

cobberson.com anthro inspired felted garland

It turned out to be a super easy and inexpensive project (under $10).  The best part is that the bright mixed colors are totally seasonless- this garland could easily be used year round for different events, or you could change the colors to make the garland specific to a certain holiday (like a mix of reds and pinks for Valentine's Day).  

What you'll need:
  • 9x12 Felt sheets in a variety of colors.  I used 2 sheets each of mustard, bright yellow, hot pink, pink, red, lime, dark green, navy, light blue, teal, dark brow, black, and white
  • Monofilament (fishing line) or white sewing thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors


 Cut the felt sheets longways into 1x12" strips and then again in half so you have 1x6" pieces.

 Tie each strip into an overhand knot.  The felt will automatically form this cute little bow shape:

cobberson.com anthro inspired felted garland

Once you've tied all the bows, lay them out in a row so you can mix the colors before sewing them together.  I wanted a more random look, so I just tried to make sure the colors were evenly distributed throughout the garland, but not in a set pattern. 

cobberson.com anthro inspired felted garland

Once you have all the bows placed, thread about an arms length of the monofilament onto your needle, but don't cut it from the spool just yet.   Sew the bows together through the knot and periodically unwind more thread and push the bows down toward the spool.  I found this was the best way to avoid any accidental knots, since you end up using such a long length of thread.  Once all the bows are strung, tie a big knot on each end of the garland and cut from the spool.  Give it a little shake and the bows will settle into place.

cobberson.com anthro inspired felted garland

cobberson.com anthro inspired felted garland

 Finally, just use some clear packing tape to hang the garland and you're finished.  Happy crafting!


2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Knitters & Crafters

Holiday Gift Guide for Knitters and Crafters: Cobberson.com


Free Printable- Gift Tag for Handknits

Since today ended up being a snow day, I decided to settle in and create a cute and customizable gift tag for my handknit gifts:

Cobberson & Co. free printable handknit gift tag

I printed the tags on brown craft scrapbook paper, but you can play around with using a colored paper that will compliment your knitted item.

Here is an example of the tag in white:

Cobberson & Co. free printable handknit gift tag

Or you could also glue a sheet of fun paper underneath the tag to create a border:

Cobberson & Co. free printable handknit gift tag

On the back of the tag is a place to write any special care instructions for your gift:

I found this decorative masking tape in the scrapbook aisle at the craft store.  The vintage stamped feel seemed perfect for a handmade gift.

Simply subscribe to our mailing list here and links to both the handknit and crochet gift tags will be automatically emailed to you.

**EDITED 11-4-15** 

I have decided to no longer require subscribing to my mailing list to receive these gift tags.  Instead, there are two super awesome options!

1.  Purchase for $3 from my Etsy shop and 100% of the profits will be donated to charity as part of the Revolution Craft Style Project.  More information on the Revolution Craft Style Project can be found here, or

2. Download for free here.

Choose wisely, grasshopper.

PS.  I recommend using Google Chrome as your browser to open the file.

These gift tags are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Hope you enjoy it!


Sneak Peek: Later Gator Cowl

I just finished up the Later, Gator Cowl, but haven't had a chance to block it yet. Here's a sneak peek:

Later gator cowl fable fibers biography riot
How gorgeous is this Riot colorway?  It's Biography DK from Fable Fibers.  I'll tell you more about this lovely hand dyed yarn in my upcoming Gift Guide for Knitters and Crafters ...

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