Getting back on track

The last time I posted, two and a half months ago, I was excitedly working on the Buttony sweater and was about to finish up the bottom half.  Even though the pattern didn't call for any shaping, I decided to add some anyway.  I continually tried the sweater on as I knitted (you can see where this is going, right?) and then discovered when I was about an inch from the bottom that it did not fit.   The problem was across my stomach, so I think I must've been pulling it shut while bending over to look at the fit rather than standing straight and looking in a mirror.  When standing up straight, it's about on inch or two shy.  You know, the exact amount I took it in when I didn't have to.  Argghhhh.  So frustrating. What did I do when I came to this realization? I put it aside for another day.  Or month. Or year. Whatever.  I'll come back to it eventually.

In the meantime, I've been doing some other stuff besides knitting.  Super awesome stuff.  Like seeing Pearl Jam in Philly the night they played Ten in its entirety for the first time since the album came out.  Best day EVER.  

We also saw StarTalk Live, with everyone's favorite astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  I had no idea what the topic was going to be when I bought the tickets, but it turned out to be on gravitational waves and the amazing recent LIGO discovery of two black holes colliding.  Not only was the show incredibly interesting, but the audience was filled with kids and teens who were super excited about science.  So awesome.

cobberson star talk live neil degrasse tyson

Let's see, what else... 

Ah yes, I made this Ponyo cake for my son's birthday:

cobberson ponyo fondant cake

And by made, I mean that I made the fondant Ponyo and added it to a plain blue cake I ordered from Costco  :)  In prior fondant attempts, I have tried making my own out of marshmallow, as well as using the delicious (but difficult to roll out) Cake Boss brand.  For this cake, I used Wilton and found it very easy to work with, but not the best tasting stuff.  Taste aside, Ponyo looked amazing!  It was hands down my favorite cake decorating project ever.  

Ok, I'm all caught up now.  What have you been working on?


Attempting to remedy my yarn hoarding, part 2

All right, this whole let's-use-up-existing-stash-yarn-before-buying-new-yarn thing is way harder than I thought.  In the month since I last posted, I started a sweater and then decided I didn't like the colorway after all.  That yarn will have to find itself a new home.  

Then I started another sweater (Buttony by Katie Marcus) and it seems to be working out.  Except there's one small problem... it's not going to use up much of the stripe colors at all.  Even worse, I ran out of the burgundy and had to go out and buy another skein. D'oh!

The plan for the sleeves is to make them 3/4 length, but I'm on the fence as to whether I want the cuffs to be folded back or not.  This is a super fast patter, despite how long it's taking me.  I'm having trouble fitting long stretches of knitting time in / getting distracted lately, but hopefully I'll be finished with this sweater before it's too warm to wear!

What projects are you working on?


Attempting to remedy my yarn hoarding

cobberson yarn edited with a color story app


Some time last year, I tried to purge the part of my yarn stash that was made up of the stuff that I knew WOULD NEVER EVER get used.  Ever.  Out went all the tiny balls of cotton dishcloth yarn that I used for one weekend (the weekend where I thought, I'll never need to buy paper towels ever again! Yeah, no.).  Out went the scraps of skeins I had used for other projects but decided to keep in case I could use them for tiny projects, or combined for stripes.  Out went a bunch of half finished projects that were just kind of meh, that would never end up being finished.

This left me with my current situation.  There are still bins of yarn sitting in my craft room that I still consider nice looking and have enough yardage to make a decent size project.  Why is it so hard to just shop my stash for my next knit, instead of looking longingly at other yarns at the LYS?  I mean, I must've looked at my existing stuff this way once, right?  

So in the interest of acting rationally/ sanely when it comes to my yarn, I'm going to attempt to use up everything I have left before I buy anything new.  I have no gift knitting to do where I have to take someone else's preferences into account, so everything is totally up to me.  This is going to be rough.

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